Marilyn Simandle


Marilyn Simandle is a world renowned artist and painter. She makes her home in beautiful Santa Ynez, California with her husband Donnie.

marilyn little girl 2.jpg

I have been painting since I was six years old.  It has always been my passion, and studies all through grade school and 4 years of college. I have painted on location all my life, just loving the beauty of God's creation. But 6 years ago I had an encounter with God and my lenses changed.  God gave me a new heart, new way of seeing.  Now I paint what I don't see.  Heaven.  Where God lives.  The unseen is superior to the seen world because the creator lives there.  What we see is an inferior version of the superior in heaven.  That is prophetic art.  Partnering with God to paint heaven.  Paint the miraculous.  Here are a few examples of my prophetic paintings which were all done during live worship.

Marilyn Simandle is an internationally known oil and water color painter. At the age of six, Marilyn knew she was destined to be a professional artist. After decades of discipline and dedicated practice Marilyn is credentialed as a Master with OPAM, NWS, and AWS (Oil Painters of America, National Water Color Society, and American Water Color Society). She has authored two books, “Capturing Light In Watercolor” and “Contagious Enthusiasm” which reflect her mantra “it takes a lot of practice to become a professional!”

Marilyn often says “you become what you behold”. This is ever so evident in her paintings. You receive peace, joy, rest and comfort through her work. A student of Marilyn’s successful workshops was once heard to say to Marilyn, “you have given me a new insight to painting and have instilled in me courage and inspiration to keep painting.”